Saturday, October 28, 2017

Are we a step away from 3D augmented reality rpg tabletops?

Wow! That's quite a term there on the post title, LOL!

If you're a player from the 80's like myself you certainly remember seeing or at least listening the song "Take on me" by a-ha and of course there's Star Wars, right?

Well a few apps nowadays deliver technologies that promise a not so distant 3D augmented reality rpg tabletop.

The following app (to available in the app store :( ) uses ARkit to recreate a realtime Take on me video using your own house.

Pretty cool huh!

Now the latest Disney app is also an augmented reality game that allows you to engage in light sabre duels inside a virtual reality.

The game, as you can see in the video, also allows for holochess and strategic combat (a 3D rpg tabletop). Put all this together and we have a virtual 3D rpg tabletop that doesn't stop there. Turn around to see fellow players in their PC outfit (talk about larping!).

I can certainly see a market here for tools and specially content. I see huge potential in 3D virtual tabletop figures the likes we haven't seen since the 80's. Ral Partha anyone?

Thoughts? 3D printing of figures is already a big thing, as are virtual "sprite" tabletops on a screen, but this is quite a step forward that will require a lot of investment and having a standard platform game shops can provide content for. How would this work for you as a player?

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