Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I've been looking at ways to make the amount of actions per round seem something more reasonable.  Instead of defining the amount of actions a character can take in a unit of time I'm looking to define the potential for actions and then set a cost to each action.

Instead of saying the character has two attacks per round I say the character has a certain amount of fatigue points that allow him about two attacks per round.  The character doesn't know he has two attacks every 15 seconds.  He knows that he can sweep his sword about two times every 15 seconds without having to catch his breath.

Handling actions this way seems to be a bit too crunchy math wise, but it also solves a great deal of issues like movement, spell casting, dual weapons, armor and shield usage among others.  If done correctly it would allow for precalculated numbers that are easy to use while still allowing for last minute flexibility.

I won't go into extreme detail now as I haven't nailed it down completely, but:

  • You have fatigue points
  • Depending on the weapon you have to pay a certain amount of points per round to use it.  This can easily be calculated and written down on the character sheet.
  • Armor and shield adds to this cost.
  • Movement adds to this cost.
  • If you exceed your fatigue limit you become exhausted and must recover.
Fatigue points are thus an asset that can be set as costs for certain activities.  Training can reduce this cost and improve amount of attacks per round.  Fatigue points can also depend on character attributes.  This makes it interesting for players who want their character stand out or look more personalized.  As a type of currency it is an unifying value for different types of activities: attack, magic, climb, move, bend bars, heck even hold breath.

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