Saturday, November 10, 2012

Era Aesthetics - An Intro

Over the next few days I will be putting out a set of articles addressing aesthetics in the design of Era.  Based on Marc LeBlanc's list of 8 kinds of fun (

There are some aesthetics I'm focusing more than others. I will review them all and see if they are addressed in the design of the game and if not so why, or to what degree.

Expression is one of the key aesthetics and also the one I will touch first.  Table top rpgs have a potential like no other game.  They are not bound by the path set in a program or the graphical content of a computer game.  They are bound only  by the imagination of the GM and players.  So set them free!!!!!

I want to put just the right amount of rules to inspire and empower the players to build great settings and stories.  I strongly believe expression will help fantasy and narrative to gain more strength.  Discovery is also benefited as greater expression on the GM's part creates more things to be discovered.

But enough for now.  Until next time when I begin with expression.
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