Thursday, December 27, 2012

Emergent game dynamics in RPGs

Emerging dynamics have caught my attention recently.  It is something that is talked about in computer games, but I see little talk about it on table top RPGs.  I think it is a great table top RPG strength   The potential for simple rules to build synergy and create new and thrilling dynamics in the game.

While synergy has can make things blow out of proportion it is something I'm looking to exploit and not kill through imposed balance.  I'm looking into not imposing balance through game rules. For example: classes or fixed progression, but rather make things fall into place by using negative feedback.  Tailor the rules so opposing forces interact and balance out.  Putting "costs" in such a way that it favors the underdog.

Table top RPGs have a great strength in the GM and player creativity.  Something no other game can equal. Sure computer RPGs have great graphics, but are undoubtedly bound.  Table top RPGs obviously are not bound in that way and I don't believe they should be bound by unnecessary balance rules either.  Sure these rules seem needed to balance the game and make it fair for all in the party, but they should not interfere with the creative potential of players.
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