Tuesday, January 22, 2013

D&D classics must buy, classic musty smell

So WotC scored a hit today by relaunching it's pdf online store. There is no doubt it's been a total success, but as the euphoria goes away and things settle back those pdfs, even when printed, will lack that thing that distinguishes them from the real thing.

See here I am with my original 1978 Tomb of Horrors module.

There's something that print has that you can't get with your dndclassics.com pdf. Nope it's not the worn out tape holding it together. Not the worn out edges either. It's the musty smell!

For that you can acquire for only $9.99 extra Smell of Book's Classic Musty Smell

Make your newly printed PDFs smell like the real thing. Tell your buddies of those countless adventures playing the module you just printed. That's right, rough the printout a little, add some tape and let it dry in the sun for two days, apply Smell of Books "Classic Musty" and dream yourself the great DMimg adventures you wish you've had.

 (I wonder why WotC didn't bundle it with its pdfs, it would've been a killer)

Also from Smell of Books, enjoy a true Tuesday:

And a RPG Saturday can not go by without:

Or buy them all in a great savings bundle and make your DnD classic, retro, OD&D weekend one to remember.
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