Tuesday, October 08, 2013

The devil within, saints and daemons in a character's personality

We all have daemons, even the lawful good paladin does. What keeps these daemons at bay is a good question, what keeps them at bay when one wields unchallenged power is an even better question.

Now that I've set the weapons in their sweet spot and mayhem is ensured I turn to the characters and their fears. They all have a virtue of some sort, a gift that makes them good at what they are. They also have a drive, something that makes them place themselves in harm's way, and behind all of this they have daemons.

What keeps these daemons at bay? What happens when everything begins to fall apart around the character? How and with what strength to they appear? What does the character do when under their influence? Above all, do they recede and when? What havoc do they leave behind? How many other character's daemons do they awaken in their paths?

Players will choose a saint, something that makes their character shine. This will be premonition, dexterity, perception, insight, whatever makes them good as their character. They'll choose a drive, something that pushes them to be all they can be. Finally they'll choose two daemons which they will try to keep asleep, but who will undoubtedly be nourished by the character's actions in the game.
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