Monday, January 13, 2014

Weapons Free Character Sheet Update

I'm making more adjustments to the character sheet as I look to have it finished by March. Although it may be daunting to look at with so many tables, rows and columns, rest assured it's much simpler than it looks. To show this I've color coded the areas.

The blue section are the stats you actually roll up and keep track of. The yellow is the new part I'm playtesting this Wednesday and has to do with character traits and background interests. The red part is the weapons related section and its just a copy paste of weapon stats from the manual. The green part are tables placed there for reference so players don't have to keep looking into the manual. The idea is that players can run their character with minimal book usage.

There's a second page to the character sheet and that's used to write down skills, backgrounds and equipment. I'll cover this in my next character sheet blog post. Now that I think about it I should also write a post showing the usage of the sniper table. A table in the green area all the way down to the bottom. It's meant to leverage the skills of a sniper when the rifle is zeroed for a particular range.
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