Thursday, January 08, 2015

Afrika Korps' stolen treasures

Cairo 1940, the continued presence of British troops in Egypt is in question. With Axis powers pressing down and the battle of El Alamein still not here, the future is uncertain. Nonetheless you've been sent to Alexandria to investigate a blackmarket art trading route that is "exporting" precious works for the Fuhrer's F├╝hrermuseum in Linz.

So far three brave souls have joined the quest, an art expert specialized in medieval art, a yuppie art student turned forgery artist and a Renaissance architecture expert. They're now enjoying coffee and tea in a shop across the street from a business involved in the illicit trade of goods. Their contact, a liaison so called Aamir, is pointing them in the direction of potential smugglers, but what is his role and why is he cooperating with the British?  Is he really interested in helping Her Majesty's secret services or is he getting rid of unwanted competitors?

Four men are working on a plan to contact the store owners, obtain information, gain knowledge of the ledgers and any information that can grant them a means to stop the Third Reich and recover the Afrika Kors's stolen treasures. The adventure is just starting! Today it's Africa, tomorrow Monte Casino and hopefully someday the Fatherland itself.

I'm really excited about today's first session of Indiana Jones themed and Monuments Men based WW2 campaign of Saints & Sinners. I'm sure the upcoming sessions will bring lots of thrill and excitement in the world's greatest treasure hunt of all! Recovering the western world's greatest cultural treasures from the grip of the Nazi SS.

PS, did I mention one of the characters is expert in the occult? Who knows, maybe we'll stumble upon some real magic and ancient relics!

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