Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Got and got not in the past 30 years

Today is back to the future day. What did we get in the last 30 years? Well we certainly did not get the hover board which was the one key item I really wanted to have today! The shoes, well that's still to be seen with so much speculation going around. Will we have self lacing Nike shoes today? Will we have it by years end? What do you think?
What we did get is this. Portable devices is what the movie certainly got wrong. No cell phones, no smart phones, no tablets. Mobile communications and the internet is one thing the movie totally missed out. Yes, there was video conferencing, but on the big living room TV, not on some portable device. So I'm thankful for that because we didn't have to wait until the 23 century to get a portable communication device like the one to the right.
We didn't get this either. Which kinda sucks when you look back and realize we're still using the same energy sources as back then and that little has moved forward in that regard.

We did get the Force awakens instead of yet another Jaws movie. On the downside we also got Jar Jar Binks.

Mixed blessing. Sure flying cars sound awesome until they crash and fall on your roof. No, as much as I'd like to I prefer to pass on the whole flying thing altogether.

Clothing style. Oh thank goodness we didn't. Nuf said.

We got the Kinect. Not exactly mind control, but darn good enough if you ask me. Plus we got 3D TV and video games and online gaming!

We got Google glass which wasn't exactly like the Doc's and it wasn't commercial success either.

But at least we didn't need to wait until the 23rd
century to get this. And although it may not be a commercial success today, it should be noted that not many people use Doc's glasses in the future. So maybe it's a niche market in the movie as it is today.

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