Saturday, February 18, 2012

Getting back to RPGs

Ok so here we go. It's been quite a while since I posted to this blog and mostly on tech topics when in fact Saurondor comes from a role-play adventure setting. After some years of not playing much I finally got back to Rifts which I hadn't touched in a decade. I'm starting off by sorting out the mess Rifts might seem to be and laying out a more magic centered scenario. I'll be posting updates of my updates and playability adjustments as I go along.

Key elements in my campaign setting are:

  • Recreate a Dungeons and Dragons type setting with magic, fantasy and swordplay 
  • Use a mana based magic system, I really really really hate AD&D's precognositive learn everything in the morning spell system. I'm looking for something more dynamic. 
  • Solve the Mega Damage issue in Rifts. One hundred to one MDC to SDC is way too much. I'll either take it down to 10 to 1 or 5 to one or put some limitation like MDC weapons needed to damage MDC equipment, but MDC = SDC point by point. Something like magical weapons needed to hurt certain beings in D&D, but HP stay the same.
The campaign setting starts off in the Andes.  The southern most parts of the Andes.  I'm starting off with a little outpost named after an actual town in the area called "El Sordo".  The setting is starting to look like something out of Avatar.  Lots of magic, a big Millenium Tree, elven population, forest setting, etc.  If all goes well I'll have this campaign rolling in a week or two and update.

UPDATE: I found an interesting article regarding damage and armor systems.  The following post will address that.
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