Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Sample combat with new mechanics

Well using the new combat rules I decided to do a test run of a battle between some orcs and our brave fighter.

Orcs are wearing studded leather armor (2d4+1) and are equiped with short spears (1d6+1) and swords (1d8).

Our hero Garlax has chain mail armor (2d8) and a sword (1d8), plus a strength bonus of +1.

Orcs have 1d8 HP and 2d8 DC points.  Our hero has 3d6 HP and 3d8 DC points.

The villans
Orc 1 5 HP 10 DC (spear)
Orc 2 7 HP 9 DC (sword)

The hero
Garlax 13 HP 21 DC

The match

Round 1
Initiative, orcs win

Orc 1 roll 18 to hit
Orc 2 roll 19 to hit

Both hit, rolling damage

Orc 1 rolls 2+1 = 3 (d6+1)
Garlax rolls for defense 8 & 7

Garlax's armor rolls two d8 and has two opportunities to stop the single die roll of the spear.  Attack rolls and defense rolls are always sorted in descending order and compared.

Orc 2 rolls 5+1 = 6 (d6+1), vs 6, 1 for Garlax armor, the armor stops the second blow also and Garlax takes no damage.  Had the orc been lucky and rolled a 6 his damage would have been 7, clearly piercing Garlax's armor and inflicting damage.

Garlax attacks Orc 1 with a 15 and hits

Garlax rolls damage 8(7+1[strength]), vs 3, 2 for Orc 1's armor.  The orc's lesser armor protects only with two d4 +1.  They can only get values between 2 and 5 this Garlax's better weapon has a better opportunity at injuring them.  Even with two opportunities to defeat Garlax's single die damage roll it is an uphill climb for them.

Garlax's hit goes through and delivers a deadly blow to the orc.  The orc's armor rating (AR) absorbs 2 HP and lets 6 through to the scared orc.

If basic rules are used the Orc takes 6 DC points of damage.

With the bleeding wounds rules 20% go to DC and the rest to hit points.  The orc takes 2 DC points and 4 HP.  A terrible blow that takes the orc to his knees.  He's still alive, but barely.

Round 2
Initiative, orcs win again

Orc 1 is down on the ground stunned from the blow
Orc 2 rolls a 2 and misses

Garlax decides to concentrate on the standing orc.  He rolls a 9 and misses.

Round 3
Initiative, Garlax wins

Garlax rolls a 3 and misses by a long shot

Orc 1 is still stunned
Orc 2 rolls a 15 and hits
Orc2 rolls 4+1 = 5 (spear) vs 8 and 3 from Garlax armor.  The blow is stopped by the armor.

Round 4
Initiative, Orcs win

Orc 1 is still stunned
Orc 2 rolls a 5 and misses

Garlax rolls an 18 and hits rolling 3 (2+1[strength]) vs 3, 1 from the Orcs armor.  The orc is just barely saved by his armor.

Round 5
Initiative, Garlax wins

Garlax rolls an 18 again rolling 8 damage (7+1) vs 4, 3 from the Orcs armor.  Orc 2's armor takes 2 points and the orc takes 6 points of damage two to DC and 4 to HP.

Orc 2 strikes with a 10 and barely hits Garlax doing 3 vs 6, 2 from Garlax armor.  No damage is done to our hero.

At the end of this round the orcs are:

Orc 1 1 HP 8 DC
Orc 2 3 HP 7 DC

Round 6
Orc 1 has gotten up and is ready to fight, but is worried about the outcome now.  He begins to retreat.  Orc 2 finding himself alone steps back as well.  Garlax pushes forward and attacks winning the initiative, but missing the attack.

Orc 1 attacks and misses, and Orc 2 misses too.

Round 7
Garlax once again wins the initiative and attacks missing.  Orc 1 scores a lucky shot on our hero but his armor saves him (4 attack vs 7, 3 defense).  Meanwhile Orc 2 swings and misses.

Round 8
Garlax looses initiative and is hit by Orc 1 and is saved by his armor again ( 4 attack vs 6, 2 defense) while Orc 2 misses again.

Garlax swings at Orc 2 and misses, but wins the initiative on the next round.

Round 9
He hits Orc 2 and injures him (7 attack, vs 5, 2 defense).  Orc 2's armor takes another 2 points of damage (AR) and the orc takes 5 points of damage, 2 to DC and 3 to HP leaving him dead on the ground with 0 HP.

Orc 1 looks up and drops his weapon surrendering to our hero.  He's been close to death enough for today.  Garlax approaches him cautiously wondering what to do.  Spare his life or behead him... what would you do?

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