Thursday, March 15, 2012

A quick drink and we're out

Thorth feels a soft draft build as the door is opened letting the chilly wind of a rainy day break in.  He knows a woman just walked in.  This place doesn't get this quiet without a cause and women usually don't come here unless they have a reason.  He brushes his eyebrow and plays with his beard without turning around to see her as she approaches the bar.  He just keeps an eye on the reflexion on the wall mirror.  A medium height slender woman dressed in a heavy rain coat.  She walks quietly and cautiously to the bar.

"Something strong to ward of the cold", she says dropping a coin to the bartender for pay.

"I can help you with that cold of yours sweetie", says a voice a few meters behind.

Oh oh, here comes trouble says Thorth to himself as a man steps up from the nearest table and approaches the bar.

"Maybe I can get you something warmer than that there whiskey, honey"

"No thank you, I'm fine.", replies the woman.

"I insist honey."

"Don't insist too much or you might regret it."

"What could I regret darling?  It's cold and rainy outside and we are in here warm and enjoying a drink together.  You and I."

"I'm enjoying a drink and you're beginning to annoy me."

"I'm not that annoying once you get to know me better.", replies the man as the woman turns up to him and says in a low whisper, "Schnak shni mush na".

The man makes a motion as if to speak, but can't seem to open his mouth and utter a single word.  His hands reach up to his mouth to try and understand what is going on.

"I told you so, boy.", says the woman.

The man stumbles back to his table unable to speak.  His gestures calling the attention of his friends.

"Witch!! She's a witch!!", screams one of them.  The two men on the table stand up and rush the woman.  She, still holding a hand towards the muted man utters the words "Span uk nak" and one of them flies backwards as if pushed by a gigantic force. She turns to the second man, "Span uk nak" and he too goes flying backwards and lands on his back.

"Oh no you don't", says Thorth as he sees a fourth man rush the woman from the side with a short dagger.  He stands in front and parries the blow with his sword.  The man  turns to him and attacks.

Rolling a 20 he hits Thorth dead on.  Rolls 2d4 for his dagger and Thorth 2d6.  Dagger's 3 and 2 are no match for the armors 5 and 2.

"Wrong move.", replies Thorth and he swings a 12 hitting the man.  He rolls a 6 for his swords damage and the man's leather only  manages a 3 and a 3.  The 6 points go straight through and cause 2 points to the leather armor and 4 to the man who is injured.  The man steps back as Thorth swings again and misses.

"Span uk nak", and the injured man is also projected backwards.

"Come", says the woman behind Thorth and she points to the door.  He turns and charges as a man stands to block it with another sword.  Thorth wins the initiative, swings a 14 hitting the man.  He tries to parry with his weapon but has no luck with a 2.  Thorth swings 4 points of damage and the man's leather holds with a roll of 4 and 3.  The man swings with a 14 hitting Thorth who can't parry with his roll of a 5.  The sword delivers 2 points of damage which are easily stopped by the Thorth's armor roll of 3 and 1.

The woman runs behind Thorth and yells at him to go out the door, "This way now".  Thorth glimpses backwards and begins a fighting retreat.  He swings a 9 and misses.  The man swings an 11 and it is parried by Thorth's 11.  Thorth swings an 18 which is not parried (7 rolled) and the man takes 5 points of damage as his armor can't protect him that much (roll 2 & 1).  The armor takes 2 and the man 3.  Irritated he tries to swing at Thorth as they reach the bar's entrance.  The now familiar chant of "Span uk nak" pushes the wounded man inside and the woman closes the door.

"An Auh Mi Na Sa", chants the woman at the door as she points down the street.

Thorth starts moving in the indicated direction followed by the woman who keeps pointing her hand at the door while she chants, "Mi Na Sa", "Mi Na Sa".  Loud banging is going on inside the bar and it is clear she is holding the door in some magical way.

They turn into a dark alley and the woman stops chanting.  Looking up at him their eyes finally meet, "Runnn!!!!" she yells.

Game Masters Notes

Mashnauh, the woman in our story, has helped our hero and herself escape the brawl in the bar.  By casting a few spells she cleared the way for her escape.  But she is now about half way down her mana points, having casted: Silence (7, 5 mana + 1/round), two Push (6, 3 mana each), another Push (3) and yet another Push (3) on the way out, plus a Hold Object to keep the door shut (7, 3 + 1 / round).  That's 26 points and leaves her with only 34 for whatever comes next.  At least 5 hours will need to go by for her to regain that so escape was the best alternative for now.  She didn't find who she was looking for, but this new found acquaintance might just fit in.

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