Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thorth Drk

Thorth Drk is my new dwarven character created with the Era Rulebook.  I'll be posting his stats and progression on this blog as he adventures through the wilderness of his homeland.  First off lets get him rolled up.  Base attributes are STR, INT, WILL, DEX, CON and CHI.

STR 14
INT 11
DEX 12
CON 10
CHI 14

Some attributes have bonuses, but none add any role points which are used to purchase initial abilities and skills.  Thus Thorth starts with 10 role points.  He decides to spend two on raising his Stamina Point roll from 1d4 to 1d8, a hardened dwarf as he is.  He purchases a mana role to have some magic spirit in him and gets 3d4x10 initial mana plus 2d4x10 per upgrade.  And finally gets some will points just in case I ever finish implementing psionics giving him 2d4x10 initial will points (WP) and 1d4x10 per upgrade.  These purchases add some tax on his XP: 1.0% for SP, 1.0% for mana and 0.5% for will power.

He then rolls hit points, stamina points, mana and will power.

HP : CON + 1d10 = 10 + 9 = 19
SP : CON + 1d8 + CON bonus = 10 +3 + 0 = 13
Pain Threshold PT : ceiling (13 * .2) = ceiling (2.6) = 3
Mana : 2d4 x 10 = 70
Will Points : 2d4 x 10 = 50

For skills and collegia he purchases Parabellum to be a good fighter and gets a swords and bow proficiency which allows him to use swords and bows.  This costs him 5 role points in total plus the 5 he spent on stamina and such leaving him dry.  He'll need to adventure to get more role points to purchase more skills.  Adding the xp Tax for these skills (5% Parabellum, 1% sword, 1% bow) to the base XP tax we get 8.5% tax.  That means that each role point that costs 2000 XP will cost him 2186 XP.

With his combat collegia trained he has two attacks per round and suffers no penalties in combat.  He also has a +1 damage bonus from strength with hand held weapons.

He gears up with a sword that does 1d8, a bow and some arrows that deliver 1d8 and chainmail that has 120 damage capacity points (DC) a 3 armor rating (AR) and protects with a 2d6 die roll.

All settled and ready to go he waits at the inn's bar waiting for adventure to walk in while he sips his ale.

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