Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Itza - prehispanic RPG

If you like long lived characters, gaining XP, growing your character's skills adventure after adventure, don't read any further. On the other hand if you're the type that believes that five minutes of glory is better than a life time of anonymity, then read on, this game is for you.

Itza is a prehispanic RPG in a Mayan-Aztec setting. It is a fast paced and brutal world were life is worth little and service to the gods is of uttermost importance in everyone's life. All classes are war like classes, war is after all a holy endeavor undertaken to please the gods. Even scribes and priests have powers that would turn the stomach of the weak at heart upside down. Blood is the currency of the land and one's life is the purse for such currency to be traded with. Your blood is of great value to the gods if you should fall prisoner to an opposing tribe.

There are various character classes in Itza; warriors and the elite jaguar warriors, priests and shamans, scribes, witches and hunters. You character will have an animal spirit akin to a totem called his wayob. Through training your character will be able to gain more powers from the wayob, and in time and should your character survive, he would be able to control such creatures and even become one.

There is no iron or steel. Hit points are fixed for life and survival depends on speed and cunning rather than big weapons and armor. The gods mark your path day by day. Powers will rise and wane depending on the influence of gods and animals on the current day and week. Ritual and tribute to the gods is an everyday aspect of your character's life.

Your characters will have more power and strength than the average 1st level character you might be used to, but will that be enough to ensure survival? Put your cunning and skill to play and make good use of these skills to outwit and outmaneuver the fate the gods have set for you and mark your own path in the world of Itza.

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