Sunday, May 26, 2013

Skinned princess

They who owned nothing had a fame of valor that preceded them. Thus, small as their numbers were the chief Coxco asked for their help before warring with the Xochimilcans. They, all of them, offered to serve the chief. Great gain was to be made, as to them failure was not something they could conceive as an outcome of war.

They who had nothing were so committed in the battle that soon they captured twenty prisoners. Quickly, they cut off an ear off each prisoner as the best way to recognize their valor in combat. Never had they done something like that, but it was clear mark on their war treasures. It was to them the rightful thing to do.

On the following day, chief Coxco, still celebrating his victory, found them empty handed and was quick to reproach them. He questioned if they had even dared to enter battle and fight for him. His comments and scorn were of the most humiliating sort. Then, just as Coxco finished talking, he was asked by them why the prisoners lacked an ear. While Coxco was still dumbfound and looking for an answer, those who owned nothing produced a bag with the ears of the captured warriors. Proving, beyond doubt, it was their valor who brought in the twenty prisoners Coxco was so proud of.

So concerned was Coxco to make peace, and amend his words with these brave warriors that he promised anything they asked for to remedy his injury to their honor.Their leader, the high priest of those who owned nothing asked for Coxco's daughter in payment. In his words "she would mark the beginning of the most respected lineage their people had ever known".

Coxco, thinking he was turning his daughter to marriage as his priest queen, quickly handed over her hand and made preparations for a wedding. Little did he know that she was to be sacrificed to Coatlicue, her heart carved out her chest while she looked onto the eyes of the high priest, then disemboweled, beheaded and skinned. Her skin would then be turned into a tunic for the high priest who would in turn make his people, those who owned nothing, into the most respected and powerful tribe in the region. The priest dressed in the maiden's skin would begin the rise to power of the Aztec, and turn them into supreme lords of the land.

Los Aztecas, Manuel Yáñez Solana, Edimat Libros

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