Sunday, June 30, 2013

Night vision benefits

I seriously underestimated the value of night vision in modern warfare. Last Friday's playtest showed that I did not put enough emphasis on such a benefit. Attack and defense rolls were not sufficiently influenced by night vision or lack of as well as the usage of laser dots.

Visual aids help aim considerably. Three points I'll have to adjust for are :

  • Night vision
  • Laser dots
  • Tracer bullets

Night vision makes it easier for your character to see movement, pin point the enemy and thus aim. There is a reason why it's not permitted to export advanced optics from the US; not letting enemy troops have such an advantage. Being in the dark is a great advantage and something I under estimated in the rules.

The use of laser dots to see were your bullet will hit is also a valuable asset I failed to add modifiers for. An iron sight assault rifle should be less effective than a laser dot. Same applies for tracer bullets, although these will require a period of adjustment represented by increasing bonuses as fire is adjusted to the target.


  • night combat will suffer penalties mitigated by night vision
  • advanced sights will add aiming benefits
  • tracer bullets will add bonuses to sustained fire the longer it is kept up

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