Sunday, June 30, 2013

Weapons Free a modern combat RPG

Weapons Free is the codename for the game now published as Saints & Sinners. It's a fast action thriller RPG designed to leverage tactics, planning and speed above all else. The game plays fast without sacrificing any detail or character building aspects that will keep you busy session after session of adventuring and training.

Looking for heart stopping action as your party enters a room and you feel as every round goes off taking your enemies down? Want to know if your sniper is capable of taking that long shot? Feels like your light machine gun isn't playing it's role as a support weapon?

With area of effect fire and team work mechanics you can easily apply the effect of your SAW or the whole team's firepower on a particular target. Suppress the enemy while other players move around for a flank attack.

With its innovative initiative and round mechanism the game brings out the excitement of close quarter battle. Weapon skill is both aim and speed which your character can trade in for advantages at close range, and initiative isn't just a random roll, it's a skill check against your character's attributes. The better your character gets over time the better the odds. Live out encounters in which every second counts. Win initiative by a half second and take that shot that saves your buddy's life!

You can get Saints & Sinners,  as pay what you want from drivethruhRPG.

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