Tuesday, June 24, 2014

It's havoc time!

Somethings never get old, and playing a band of orcs raiding a human city with "a smart plan" is a classic example. Playing a band of orcs raiding a human city with a smart plan live on hangouts the day it rains like never before and your house floods mid game is just priceless. This is what did last Saturday and boy was it fun! +Grant Howitt ran a session of his game Havoc Brigade for us last weekend and I seriously recommend it if you want to play something new this weekend.

The game is really easy to grasp and get going. I played a grumpy old orc shaman who dislikes the "new stuff" and what can be newer than a "plan" and a "map". What happened to the old ways? You know: skull crushing and dismembering? Unfortunately in orcland muscle outweighs good judgment and at 4 feet wide shoulders Ox had the final word. So we went along with the plan which was to infiltrate the city through the southern door, enter the keep and kidnap some important person. What could possibly go wrong?

Our day's rations, uhhh, I mean the band of goblins that accompanied us took to the task of infiltrating through the gate. Gone are the days when we'd just tie them up in pairs and catapult them over the wall. One always survived. Why didn't we just do that? No, no, we had "a plan".

So anyway we take to the task of going through the gate according to "the plan". Handsome as we are we didn't go by unnoticed. A little brawl ensured in which our tinker orc Wrench (the Copper Clan Inventor) had to pull out his rail whatever crossbow and unfortunately miss. Did I mention I dislike the new stuff? Specially the clever inventive new stuff. Unreliable as hell. Whatever happened to charging the enemy with a troll high on wyrdforest mushrooms? That always worked!

Well to make thing short after some old school magic from our fellow ettin the guards were neutralized will a pus blast spell that rendered them well... lets leave them at neutralized.

From there on we "followed the plan", and after a little brawl with the local guards (again) which were overcome by more ettin magic(which I'll refrain from detailing this time), we got a few nice dresses (five of them for our friend Ox) and then headed to the party in the castle. Our entrance into the castle was louder than the party itself. Fortunately to us nobody though something that loud was up to something bad. Once in the castle we secured our "target" and made a quick exit. Not without guard resistance of course. Which we had to handle the good ol' way by crushing skulls and dismembering bodies. My joy was so great I even rolled my mayhem dice and got an outstanding success using my thunderbear cloak and wyrdforest mushrooms. I was roaring, the room was thundering and there were lightning bolts flying all over the place. Needless to say nobody challenged our exit from there on and we made a hasty retreat back to our clan's village.

Overall it was a great game I'd recommend and a one shot weekend game. I'll certainly be playing it over and over again. Please make sure to check out the game here.

PS, my house did really flood mid game. LOL talk about havoc!

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