Saturday, June 07, 2014

We tackled the Atlantic wall and killed a tiger!

To commemorate the 70th anniversary of D-Day I ran a D-Day session last night using the Saints & Sinners game rules. +Gabriel Perez Gallardi , +Lan Kelly , +peewee rota and +Randal McDowell joined the session to recreate that famous landing that took place on Normandy.

I had them running over the beach, rushing for the cover of some sand dunes and ditches, giving some cover fire as they inched up trying to get a better shot. Gabriel joined the game just in time to bazooka an MG nest into oblivion. This opened the way for the group, and all the men behind them to storm up Hitler's Atlantic wall. I have to say, I had never played with so many NPCs before. It was fun!

You know what also was fun? Just jumping in the game after rolling 6 attributes and giving the character a name. Players got a choice of M1, BAR, Bazooka, flamethrower or sniper rifle (actually a somewhat better M1).

The trench encounters were packed with grenade throwing, shots coming in and going out, bazooka rockets flying down the trenches to hit enemy positions. It was mayhem, but after about two hours they had secured their part of the wall and were ready to move inland.

The next hour was played on a march into Formigny where the group was ambushed and their tank destroyed. It was looking like a dire situation. More so when the Tiger broke through the morning mist and marched up the road to their position. Only Gabriel's lucky shot with the bazooka saved the day. In a miraculous roll the shot breached the thinner lateral armor and killed the engine. Without it the tank was a sitting duck and it was quickly taken out. The remaining Nazi forces in the area either retreated or surrendered.

We were all left craving for more. It seems like this just spawned another exciting campaign. Possibly the best yet. Second only to the Merc Ops Maersk Alabama one.
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