Saturday, November 14, 2015

Huitzi 3021

Christopher Columbus never made it across the Atlantic. He drowned at sea or fell prey to mutiny which in turn led his ships astray. Whatever his fate, he never made it back to Spain. Europe never found a short route to the Indies and without the gold that would bring and riddled with towns infested with plague it would fall into another thousand years of darkness.

Fifteen hundred years into the future the world is a very different place. Mesoamerica has risen as technological and spiritual superpower. Fueled by advanced technology and ancient magic it has forged a world of warring states. The gods were real all along and they are creatures who came here from distant planets. A mixture of humans and extraterrestrial beings has emerged as extraterrestrial technology and human magic intermingle.

Earth is a very violent and dangerous place. The ancient gods have revealed themselves as powerful beings from other worlds and xenomorphs live among us demanding tribute in blood. This allows for a fragile balance between life and utter destruction. Magic and supernatural powers tops it all, adding to the powerful mix of science and technology.

Huitzi (hummingbird) 3021 is a game set in Earth's distant future. It takes place fifteen hundred years after what would have been the fall of Tenochtitlan which never really was. Magic and ritual has forged a path to technological revelation which has opened the eyes of mankind to the creatures that walk among them. These extraterrestrial beings have in turn shared their technology with us and fused sorcery with technology. The terrible creatures from Aztec folklore exist. Such creatures as the Tzitzimime are real. They walk among us and are horrible monsters from other worlds who have imposed rituals of blood and sacrifice that have shaped the very essence of the world's culture.

The world is divided into various warring city states ruled by powerful kings under the oversight of powerful patron godlike beings. Society is highly stratified and many still see these beings as great gods with unstoppable power. Ancient shaman magic has intermingled with technology to produce powerful forces that war against each other in an attempt to achieve world domination.

On which side do you stand?

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