Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Metal is so, uh, un-cyber-punkish

Plastics, polymers, and ceramics. These are all the future materials. What are all these metal borgs, androids and air-filter-for-eye-wear things on my sci-fi episodes?

Ridley Scott nailed it. Ash has no metal parts showing. The future is plastic. Metals are out and organics are in.

Terminator? Blhahhh!

Skynet? Double blhahahhaahh!

When the shit really hits the fan with DNA manipulation, oh you're going to be in for a great surprise!

Just take a moment to think how much we've moved forward in 3D printing when it comes to roleplaying stuff: figures, tabletop items such as dungeon passage, etc.

Just imagine 3D printing on a molecular level?

What will the conventional weapons race look like in the near future as complex armor counteracts weapon systems?

A metal robot requires a factory and facilities to repair itself. A molecular printable cyborg only needs to touch a tree big enough to supply enough organic material to repair all battle damage.

The challenge in creating a cyberpunk setting is making today's fears inconsequential and tomorrow's horrors very, very real.

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