Monday, May 26, 2014

20 1st Level Millionaires, part 2

I continue the countdown of possible histories and backgrounds for millionaire 1st level characters. These are background stories for characters with a lot of wealth and no army nor castle.

15 - Family owns lead mine

Your family has amassed great wealth out of lead mining and ore processing. You have good access to resources to finance your dreams of adventure and dungeon explorations. While well known dungeons in the area may provide for your first levels of adventure it is possible that danger looms closer to home than you expect. A recent tunnel in your family mine has collapsed revealing a passage to a large cavern. What lies ahead?

14 - Banished nobleman

You're a banished lord or lady from a distant land. You've arrived here with gold and henchmen in a quest to rebuild your lost army and retake the throne that was stolen from you. You're unskilled, but the lineage of your family gives you great power should you learn to wield it. Will you survive to become a renown and respected warrior? Will you succeed in rebuilding your army and return home to reclaim your title as king or queen?

13 - Recently stolen loot

You're either the luckiest or the unluckiest of crooks. You've robed a wagon and it turns out you're a million GP richer. What now? What will you buy? What can you buy without raising too much attention? What will you do with this? Will you adventure and become a local hero? Will the true owner come back some day to retake this? And if so when and will you be prepared?

12 - Circus owner

You're a travelling circus owner. Wealth is not an issue. You're well over a million GP rich. You travel from land to land entertaining people. On each kingdom and barony you take time off to explore the city and its surroundings, gaining a little more wealth and experience from dungeonering. Yet there is also a dark secret. Something lives in your circus you don't want others to know. A curse of types you wish to get rid of someday. So you explore and quest to find the answer. Never staying too long in the same area and seldom returning.

11 - Bar or Hostel

You're the owner of a bar or hostel were travelers and adventurers usually stay to rest between trips and dungeon explorations. You know all there is to know about the land. The secrets abound in your bar and you've listened to them all. Suddenly you feel the urge to take on a sword and shield and explore on your own. Who will come with you and why? What new secret has moved you so much you're willing to leave the comfort and security of your home for the risk and uncertainty of adventure.

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