Saturday, May 10, 2014

Introducing the Grimscience d20++

Back in the day when it all begun (D&D, not Earth), there were no d10. Actually d20 were numbered 1 to 10 twice and you'd roll a d6 or something extra to see if it was the high or low values.

Then came this jewel of advertisement from Gamescience. Let's put pluses to half the sides and call it a d20 Plus dice. It even allows you to roll d2!!! Wait, isn't that what a coin is for?

So now that we've crossed the barrier into rolling d2 with a d20, what else can we do? How much can we overload the d20? Here at Grimscience we put d20 and C++ together and developed the d20++. Can you play D&D with just one 20 Plus and one d6?

No you say? Well with d20++ you can! With it's exclusive worldwide patented technology Grimscience d20++ allows you to roll d0, d1, d2, d4, d8, d12 and d20!!! Not only does it allow you to roll all the polyhedral dice commonly used in an RPG, it also adds d0 and d1.

Tired of your players calling it GM fiat? Worry no longer. With Grimscience d20++ you can now roll d0 so they can't say it's GM fiat.

Worried the party won't overcome a critical challenge that's fundamental for their advancement in your railroaded adventure? Worry not! With Grimscience d20++ you can now roll d1 and guarantee success every time, all the time!

Lets look at all the great new features implemented in d20++:

d0 - Like /dev/null, it's always present and you always get the same result "nothing". Commonly known as GM fiat it's done by using the patented Null Roll technology in Grimscience d20++. This provides and outcome for the GM's without actually rolling the d20.

d1 - This is like the exact opposite of d0. It's handy in poorly designed adventures and with temperamental GM's. A great railroading device it's done by rolling the d20 and totally disregarding the result. It's very useful in situations like the-only-locked-door-to-the-boss-chamber-which-the-rogue-needs-to-pick.

d2 - A carry over from the old 20 Plus. It is resolved by rolling the dice and taking the + as 1 and the blank sides as 0.

d4 - A new overload functionality to 20 Plus, Grimscience d20++ allows you to do d4s too. Just roll the d20 and divide by 5 and round up to the next whole number.

d6 - Just roll a d6, don't be stupid. Who'd patent a d6?

d8 - Another great and exclusive functionality of the Grimscience d20++. Just roll like you would to get a d4 and add a d6 if the d6 rolls 1 to 3 you use the direct d4 result if the roll is 4 to 6 you add 4 to the d4 result.

d10 - A shared feature with 20 Plus. Roll the die and read the number directly. Values go from 1 to 10.

d12 - Yet another outstanding and exclusive functionality of the Grimscience d20++. Roll a d4 and a d6. If the d6 rolls 1 or 2 leave the d4 value as is, if the roll is 3 or 4 then add 4 to the d4 and if the roll is 5 or 6 add 8 to the d4.

d20 - A shared feature with 20 Plus. Roll the die. Sides with a + get 10 added to their value.

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Not available on hangouts, roll20, electronic die rollers nor macros (yea savagedaddy, we're talking to you).

Thanks grognardia for bringing this back to light!

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