Friday, May 16, 2014

20 1st level millionaires, part 1

So what would you do if your 1st level D&D character started off with a million gold pieces? This is a countdown of 20 1st level millionaires who didn't get a castle and an army with their gold. Without further delay here are the first five millionaires from our top 20 countdown.

20 - The Influential Cleric

Your family name could very well be Borgia. Dad's money has ensured you a prominent position within the city's temple. The temple's clerics respect your family wealth and envy you just as much. You're on a fast track to overtake many who have dedicated more to the gods than you have, and that's usually not a good thing. Your family wealth gives you access to resources such as armor, weapons, travel expenses and religious items. It buys you lots of stuff, but does not buy you skill nor the favor of the gods. You start off well equipped, but will you be able to overcome the risks ahead? The ones outside the city walls as well as those within the temple walls?

19 - Loan Shark

You've amassed a small fortune out of loaning money at high interest rates. Your wealth is in the hands of others generating a handsome rent every month. Your job is to make sure the payments are done on time and deal with those who forget who's the money is. About 4/5 of your wealth is in the hands of others. Now you must make sure that money keeps making more money. You finance trade routes, fleets, insurrections and small wars. You're an influential person when it comes to money and the power this generates. How will you manage this from now on is up to you.

18 - Crazy Wizard

You're an energetic wizard apprentice with a great family treasure supporting your wild and dangerous power quest. Getting a hold of scrolls, potions and magic items is easy. Managing their power is something else. Will your skill keep up to your ambition? This is a good character to play in a DCC game. Things can and will go astray with magic. How much will your character gamble? Will the wealth be enough to pay for the mistakes done?

17 - Librarian

You're a reserved, introverted and wealthy heir to a fortune of books. Remember that in the middle ages books were transcribed by hand and beautifully decorated. Each piece an art piece on its own. The knowledge withing a great desire to many rulers, magic users and clerics alike. Will you and your party harness the power of these books and the knowledge they hold? Or will you become a Don Quijote of sorts, driven to madness and mounting a decrepit horse in quest of imaginary giants? What yet undiscovered magic lays in the pages of your library's books?

16 - Sea trader

Your wealth is a fleet of very successful trading ships. Your a trader, merchant, pirate and buccaneer all in one. You know kingdoms and rules from the four corners of the earth. You travel from port to port trading silk and spice. Now you're driven to quest further into uncharted territory. What adventure lies ahead? 


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