Monday, July 14, 2014

20 1st Level Millionaires, part 3

I continue the countdown of possible histories and backgrounds for millionaire 1st level characters. These are background stories for characters with a lot of wealth and no army nor castle.

10 - Sold soul to demon

Cut through the chase and get wealthy the easy way. Your character is now not only wealthy beyond belief, he may have a few extra levels included with the sale. What now? Fame and adventure? The involvement of a demon ads great options for the GM. Will the demon appear every so often? What kind of influence can this have in the game? How does this motivate the character? He sure knows who's waiting for him. What will he do to stay alive and escape paying his part of the contract?

9 - Alchemist

Why quest for gold if you can make it? The character can turn lead into gold. Financial issues are of no concern to him. What's the focus of adventure in such a case? Who's going to catch on that lead goes into the character's home and never comes out?

8 - Wizardly inheritance

No everything is gold and gems. Your character is the heir to a powerful wizard's tower. Tomes, scrolls, potions, components, you name it, the tower has it all. It's all worth more than a king's ransom, but your character can't use it, yet. Adventure, exploration and leveling grant access to more and more items in the tower.

7 - Ransom money

Your character, a low level crook, obtained his wealth as ransom money paid for an important figure. What now? Hide? Stay low? Leave town? What about revenge? Will someone come after the character to get the money back and take revenge? Does the rest of the party know? What risks doe this character bring into play?

6 - Powerful item

The character doesn't have much wealth or power. Just one item from his old uncle. The item is actually an artifact. A very powerful one who's powers will be revealed during the character's adventures. What is it? What are its powers? How much is it worth? Who else knows of this item? Who es is questing for it? Will it be a homing beacon for trouble?
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