Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Magic carpet vs jet fighter, who wins?

Who wins in a match between Maverick and Aladdin?

Lets see, Aladdin's carpet has the following features:

  • Doesn't run out of fuel.
  • Can make arbitrarily tight turns as it's not bound by aerodynamic constraints.
  • Can fly arbitrarily high and fast as once again it isn't bound by aerodynamic constraints.
  • Has no heat signature so it can't be easily targeted by heat seeking missiles.
  • Has a small radar footprint making it hard to target with radar guided missiles.

On the other hand Aladdin and the carpet lack:
  • A radar, making it hard to sight incoming jets (and dragons).
  • A g-suit, without which it's very hard to endure high G turns.
  • An oxygen mask, without which it's very hard to fly very high.
  • A canopy and for that matter a cabin that protects the pilot. Supersonic wind is really damaging.
  • Seat belts. Try pulling a -2G dive without them!
  • No ejection seat!
  • No 30mm canon
  • No air to air missiles
  • No fire suppression equipment. Have you ever seen a fire extinguisher on Aladdin's carpet? Neither have I. 

So there it is? Who do you think wins the day? Aladdin or Maverick?

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