Monday, July 14, 2014


Well there's OSR which can stand for old school rules/roleplay or old school renaissance or old school revival. Is there NSR? New school renaissance? It's hard to fathom something new having a renaissance. It is after all new. But when the new goes back to the old would you catalog it as new or old? What about the folks who were playing the new stuff which is now old given the release of the new stuff based on the old stuff.

Simply put, is there a future for D&D 4th? Will people keep playing it? What about 3rd?

With WotC taking D&D to the basics and some OSR players supporting it and others saying "it ain't good enough", I'd like to put forth a question. Will there be a NSR? A reaction to this move? Say something that goes back to the 4th Edition style of play.
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