Saturday, July 20, 2013

Breach, bang and clear, do you flashbang dungeon rooms?

When was the last time you threw a flashbang into the orc infected room before entering? In my case, never. The more I get involved in modern warfare games the more I wonder how the heck my D&D characters survived so long.

You know, it usually goes like this: your party enters the room. "What is there? A group of orcs jump out and attack you. Oh. Roll initiative. You win, attack first. (roll roll roll) Ok three orcs are still left standing the attack. (roll roll roll) Your party takes some damage. Next round, roll initiative."

In reality this is more like this: "Hear something? Yea some mumbling. Ok guys, breach, bang and clear. Thief drops in the flashbang, boom, go go go. Magic missile, sword, sword, sword, crossbow, mace, crossbow. Ok, three orcs are still left standing, they're a bit dazed and... No worries, magic missile, sword, sword, sword, crossbow, mace, crossbow. Ok they're all dead."

See? Why worry about few hit points and lethality when you've got the initiative. Heck actually you kinda cheated with the initiative. Fuck cheating with initiative, you totally disregarded initiative and went to the attack phase, twice in a row! Is it less heroic? Maybe. Is it safer? Hell yea! Is it adventurous? Well I think it does open up a whole new way of dungeoneering don't you think?

Marines training room clearing techniques.

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