Sunday, July 21, 2013

If you're hit you can't attack!

What if getting hit meant you lost all remaining round attacks? How would that influence your gameplay?

D&D has a feat for an initiative bonus of + 4, aside from that there is very little that can give a character a first strike capability every time. What if success dependes on the initiative roll more than the attack roll?

Here's the rule:

If you lose initiative and get hit you can't attack that round.

If you win initiative and get hit you can't attack next round if you win initiative. You can only attack on the next round if you lose initiative.

How would you specialize your character then? Would focusing on initiative be a good and more important thing to do than a to hit bonus? Dexterity over strength?  A simple 1d4 damage roll could eliminate your opponents very deadly 2d12 roll that round. Who needs armor when your opponent can't attack!


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