Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What if problems had hit points?

Most of the time when a party encounters a situation that calls for a skill check the leading character in said field of experience takes the point and does a skill check. The outcome is either success or failure.

Now lets think for a moment what would happen if the problem had hit points. If your character had to hit it on and on again until the hit points reach zero to solve the problem. Could the problem attack back? Injuring our character? What type of damage would it do?

We've all come upon problems on which we work on for a while without any progress. Eventually they become tiresome and frustrate us. Couldn't that be considered a type of damage?

More so could more than one character join in to solve the problem? If so, wouldn't that deplete the problems hit points faster and reduce the "damage" done to each character? Something like this could facilitate team work.


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