Sunday, July 28, 2013

Would you hire a mathmatician?

Artwork is something clearly budgeted for in an RPG, so is editing and getting the game polished and presentable. Time is set aside for playtesting as well. What I'm curious is how much $$$ is dedicated to the math behind the game. Do RPG designers pay for someone to review the math as they might pay for editing? I'm not saying they should hire the likes of Liebniz, but running the numbers through someone knowledgeable with probability? Or do designers in general jump to the playtest phase to test the mathematical theory?

I'm not a mathematician myself, but I know how to program and can see the benefit of running model simulation before getting into playtesting, For example how well a weapon may be compared to another, or vs a certain type of creature.

Do you as a game designer put money on the math?

Do you run some sort of computer assisted modeling prior to writing the rules or moving to playtest?, be it spreadsheet or some program.

Do you jump to the playtest directly?

If you use some sort of computer assisted development, do you see a benefit in turn around time to develop a game when you can simulate scenarios?

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