Monday, July 29, 2013

What's on the budget after artwork?

If you already had all the artwork you'd ever need for your game and you didn't or wound't have to spend a dime on it and still have great quality stuff, what would be next on your budget?

For the modern warfare game I'm working on I already have all the graphic material I would ever need. No need to set aside time or money to procure it. At least not as much time as I'd need to commission work, review it, etc.

If I had thousands of dollars to put into the project what else would require such funds? Recently I asked if a mathematician was worth hiring. Would spending extra on one be worth while? Maybe a programmer to make all these cool simulation software to quickly demo certain functionality like combat, skills and character progression. A damn good editor to review the text and comment on the layout. Some custom fonts? A cool website? What else?

What would you burn your extra cash if you didn't have to spend money on artwork? What aspects of your games that are left unattended due to low budgets would benefit from some extra funding?

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