Saturday, August 31, 2013

Drawing guns

It was bound to occur soon and I had a rule that worked pretty well. Draw and aim speed became a concern in last nights game.

The first sniper team had just left the building through the window with the prisoner at hand. The second team stayed in the room to cover the entrance. Then the dreaded cling clang of a grenade being dropped into the room followed by the flashbang that blinded and disoriented the team in the room.

The Marine spotter outside turned back to the window and aimed inside as the Spetsnaz rushed in to finish of the team in the room. In a heart stopping roll the player rolled low enough to not only win, but take a two action advantage on the Spetsnaz. Before any could fire on the stunned Marines the spotter had put a shot into each Russian. One went down the other was saved by his vest. Her moved right and turned to shot at the Marine in the window. A bullet scraped the windowsill barely missing the Marines head. The Marine fired back barely injuring the Spetsnaz who in turned fired back hitting the Marine in the helmet and causing a painful, but non lethal wound. The Marine fell back and the call for "medic!!!" was heard.

The Russian quickly turned his attention to what was his prime objective, the team already in the room. Too late, the team´s spotter had gotten enough of his wits back to aim. The Spetsnaz faced the blazing barrel of an M4 as he was crushed against the wall by its rounds.

The rule is simple, you need to row low below your attribute score. The lower you roll the better, and the score can be modified up by the character's skill with the weapon. Making the character even more prone to win by a large margin. For every four points or "beats" the character rolls below this score an action is granted to the player. The Marine won by 8 versus the Spetznas' 4 and 2. This gave the Marine one extra shot before any one of the Russians could fire. He shot the Russian who rolled the 4 first and kill him. Four "beats later" it was the Russian's turn with a roll of 4, but he was already dead. Tough shit comrade. So the Marine fired again against the slowest of them with the 2. Hitting him he drew attention from the stunned team to himself, and the rest, as they say, is history.

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