Friday, August 02, 2013

Let's Rock!

This is one of my personal favorite scenes from all movies. The moment when the Colonial Marines realize they're something really bad around them. Vazquez screams "Let's rock!" and lights the aliens up with her MG. So bad ass!!!

Here's a short 9 second clip from the movie.

Now try replaying this in a modern RPG.

"Let's rock!"
Roll for initiative, and most surely lose. I mean they're fucking aliens, did you see how fast they move?
Ok, we'll grant the element of surprise and let your character shoot first.
Great, I fire at the first one. 
Wait you can't see it.
So I shoot wild.
Uh, the rules don't have a clear way to resolve this. So I could add a modifier to your roll or ok, lets say you see one over here.
Ok, I shoot at it.
Ok roll for attack.
Rolled an 8, you missed.
WTF, how can I miss, did you see the fire power in that thing?
Yes, but you miss.
Ok I attack again.
Rolled 18, you hit.
Roll for damage, it's a big round 1d12
Ok, (rolls), got a 3.
Barely scratched the alien.
WTF? It's an explosive 10mm round, what the fuck are you talking about.
Ok, sorry forgot that. Round explodes and delivers an extra d12 of damage
Ok, (rolls), got an 11.
Ok, (GM mumbles to himself about HD and HP), ok it took 14 points of damage and it's still standing.
Ok I shoot at it again.
Uh, sorry you only have two attacks per round, it's the aliens turn, all 12 of them.
Fuck!! What? I run out of there.
You can't you've already attacked twice,  you can't move.
Fuck, fuck and triple fuck. We're fucked.

Now take initiative away and replace it with coolness, remove the limit on attacks per round, allow for moves and attacks and include massive fire rules.

"Let's rock!"
I fire the MG into this 10m area of the building hitting whatever is hiding in the walls.
Ok, roll 2d20 to hit.
Got a 24
Ok, (GM rolls secretly for the aliens, odds of the MG hitting at that range is 65%, 7 of the 11 aliens get hit, GM rolls secretly for damage 3d6 yielding results in the order of 9 to 12 for each round plus explosive damage.)
You hear a lot of squeals as some sort of creature is getting hammered in the tunnel. They're many, some drop to the ground wounded, but others keep coming on the walls and roof.
I begin retreating as I put more fire into the area.

See the difference? This is the type of game mechanic I'm looking for in Weapons Free. More realism by a different set of rules that open up the options for players without breaking the balance.


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