Saturday, August 17, 2013

What's his status?, He's dead sir, Bennet is dead.

After clearing the second building of Spetsnaz and taking three prisoners the team discovered an underground tunnel that lead to the building from which a truck had escaped a few minutes ago. Concluding this vehicle could be carrying the weapon the put the Predator drone to follow it. Sure enough it had a crate and it was headed to the lake's shore. With little time to waste the team saddled up and rode the HUMVEEs bath through the town in an attempt to give chase to the runaway weapon.

The drive through town was a lot harder than than the previous one getting in, reminiscent of Blackhawk Down's convoy scene. The town was way more awake and ready to engage them this time. In spite of their massive firepower PFC. Bennet took one to the head while manning the 40 mil cannon, fell to the HUMVEE's floor and bled out before he could be assisted.  Reed "Hawk", the second sniper team's spotter took the gunner's position and finished off the attackers. Heavy fire was still encountered as they drove the last few hundred meters out of town and onto the surrounding hill sides.

This part of the mission ends with 48 locals dead, 8 Spetsnaz killed, 2 prisoners and 2 KIA (Bennet and Butler). The weapon is still at large somewhere in the Iranian desert. A buyer, a purpose and destination still needs to be found for it. Our next session will take the party undercover into the heart of Iran to search for the contact to whom this weapon will be delivered to.
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