Sunday, August 04, 2013

Full campaign on!

Last night I ran the first full blown Weapons Free campaign session with +Kaan Emirler +Gabriel Perez Gallardi +Tre' Grisby  and +Brian Kelsay. They're on a broken arrow mission and must recover the weapon's core before it falls into the wrong hands. They crossed the Iranian border and entered a small village to recover it by quickly deploying support teams in the south and storming the building. Brian did a great job at clearing the south building, but the weapon wasn't there!!! So Kaan picked up the assault team with the HUMVEEs and drove them over the light blue line to the other suspect building, the north one.

This was not a welcomed move by the locals who attacked the convoy turned the scene into something taken from Blackhawk Down, the convoy scenes. Kaan and Brian had to put some heavy 50 cal and 40mm canon fire into the building to suppress the enemy while they drove by. Meanwhile Tre and Gabriel were giving support fire with the MG and sniper rifles.

As they arrived on the north end of town they positioned the HUMVEEs behind some walls and moved in on foot after popping smoke in the area. Gabriel took some targets out who ventured on the roof and Tre gave relentless MG fire into the southern wall. Meanwhile Gabriel's second sniper team moved to reposition itself on the north western side. Kaan gave support from the HUMVEEs as Brian moved in to raid the building. To his surprise the occupants of the building were not some simple thieves and smugglers, they were well trained SPETSNAZ. They weren't dropping as easily as the unarmored men encountered in the southern building. Held back by the increased thread the team pulled out and began looking for another entry point. As they were going around some men on a pickup with a 82mm B-10 recoiless rifle stormed out the building and attempted to escape. The team is putting some fire into the pickup in an attempt to stop it before it escapes. The session ended as the south team notices another vehicle leaving from the eastern building, at full speed and into the night. Who's who and who carries the warhead? We'll settle that in the next session.

Here's live footage from the mission. Kaan's characters laying down some serious fire on the SPETSNAZ infested building as Brian's men try to storm in. You can make out the gun purring and the cannon going tuk tuk tuk.

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